Friday, 9 September 2011


Ugly face + jealousy + hatred = Acid Splasher
KUALA LUMPUR, 13 MAY, 2011: Police have narrowed down the hunt for the elusive corrosive liquid splasher responsible for more than 20 attacks on women and children in the city, reported The Star.

With the help from the public, the special taskforce set up to nab the suspect has been able to firm up the profile of the culprit.

According to the reports, Police have a better idea of the splasher's appearance based on descriptions from victims, eye witnesses and CCTV footage, said Bukit Aman CID Director Commissioner Datuk Seri Mohd Bakri Zinin.

“We know his age, build, skin colour and a few other features,” he told reporters yesterday.

Comm Bakri added that police were also closely tracking the splasher's accomplice.

“In 70% of the cases, the splasher had acted alone, but on other occasions there were two of them on the motorcycle.

“Eye witnesses have describe the splasher as skinny and his accomplice as a little bit chubby,” said Comm Bakri.

He added that police had also determined the two motorcycle types used by the splasher, a Honda EX5 and Yamaha.

In all the attacks, the same type of corrosive liquid was used on the victims, contrary to earlier speculation that different types of substance were used.

Police had identified the liquid used by the splasher, which Comm Bakri said “was not something you could just buy from any hardware shop”.

The first attack occurred on March 2 in Bangsar when eight primary school pupils and a teacher were splashed with a corrosive liquid by a motorcyclist clad in black.

There have been 21 other attacks around Kuala Lumpur and Negri Sembilan. The latest attack was on May 7 which left a woman and her child hospitalized.

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